kotlin easy basics tutorial by grauenwald.com

Kotlin Easy Basics 2 – Data Types

Welcome back to the second Easy Basics for Kotlin. Now you will learn about about Variables and basic Data Types that Kotlin supports for creating Variables.
kotlin easy basics tutorial by grauenwald.com

Kotlin Easy Basics 1 – Hello, World

I am excited about your interest in Learning Kotlin! Kotlin is a fairly new programming languages with the goal to push Java from it's android development throne. In this easy tutorial you will learn the fundamental basics of Kotlin.
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Productivity Hack: Pomodoro Technique

  • theropoy 
Getting stuff done is for some people the hardest thing, especially if you either are self-employed or need to get fundamental things done, like paying the bills or organizing a drawer. This sneaky little hack will increase your insanely productivity.
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Python Easy Basics 2

Welcome back to Python Easy Basics tutorial, it's time to learn some cool functionality and break the ice with Python. You will learn about conditions and statements
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How to meditate for Beginners

This tutorial will explain how to meditate for beginners! Meditation is not a high form of art which only professionals can perform and you don't need to sit on a cold hard ground like in the movies! Follow along on this relaxing path to your inner silence.