Top Benefits of Mind Mapping

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top benefits of mind mapping

If you’ve ever built a mind map, you might have experienced some of the benefits of the exercise. Maybe the visual nature of a mind map helped you recall information better. Maybe the simplicity of mind mapping allowed you to capture your ideas more quickly.

1. It Enables Meaningful Learning

Researches define 3 types of learning:

Researchers say that mind mapping helps to achieve the state of Meaningful Learning because it forces students to find paths between existing knowledge and new knowledge.

By mapping different parts of knowledge around a central part , students can create connections between what they already know and their new learned information, an exercise that leads to Meaningful Learning.

2. It Boosts Retention and Memorization

memory retention from mind mapping

At these days, we have multiple tools that help us document our thoughts on paper. But these tools have not always been as readily available as they are today.

Back when writing things down was more expensive , Romans and Greeks developed a mnemonic device (visualization technique) called loci to memorize and recall information. The Loci method is also part of the Sherlock tv series in the form of the mind palace, which is more advanced than the loci method. They developed mental visuals for the things they needed to remember, allowing them to recall large amounts of informations, like an entire theater script.

Mind Mapping is a very similar technique to the Loci Method, and as W. Martin Davies writes in his study “Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping and Argument Mapping: What are the Differences and Do They Matter […]” it provides the same benefits for memorization and information retention.

“Diagrams are more easily stored in memory than other kinds of representational formats […]” Davies writes. “Maps allow the separate encoding of information in memory in visual and well as propositional (written) form.”

In the other study “The Efficacy of the Mind Map Study Technique” researchers found out that studying with the help of Mind Maps boosts retention by 10-15%

3. It’s a More Engaging form of Learning

how to study better

Davies argues that “meaningful engagement is a critical factor in promoting deeper learning.” but unfortunately some of the common Learning Methods, such as listening to a lecture or reading a textbook won’t create meaningful engagement.

Mind Mapping on the other hand does create Meaningful Engagement, because students actively take part in the process of brainstorming, coming up with ideas and connecting together while reviewing and developing Mind Maps.

In addition to recommending teachers and tutors to use Mind Maps in the classroom while teaching, Davies suggests having students create their own Mind maps that can be used to help learning and to compare their maps with those of their mates for additional meaningful learning activities.

4. It Helps Understanding Complex Concepts

benefits of mind maps

Every two years, Chuck Frey from Mind Mapping Software Blog conducts a survey to uncover the benefits of Mind Mapping in business.

In his 2017 survey, most respondents said that the biggest benefit of Mind Mapping is in the form of “improved understanding of complex issues”.

This makes a lot sense if you consider where the respondents are using Mind Mapping the most: More than half of the respondents us Mind Mapping for project management and knowledge management, and almost 40% use it for strategic planning.

There are some things in business which are more complex than planning major projects, developing a searchable knowledge base of company assets or creating strategic plans for the future of a company. Yet the survey results show that Mind mapping simplifies these complex task:

Also when Frey asked respondents “Does your mind mapping software enable you to tackle more complex tasks and projects that you would have previously avoided?” 67% said yes.

5. It Improves Your Productivity

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Another takeaway from Frey’s survey was that one of the biggest benefits of Mind Mapping is that it boosts your productivity. Frey writes:

On average, mind mapping software helps busy executives to be 20-30% more productive in their work

This finding, he says, has been consistent across every survey he’s conducted in eight years.

16.7% of the respondents to Frey’s survey say that mind mapping saves them 7+ hours a week. Another 30.7% say it saves them 3-7 hours per week, and 41.4% say it saves them 1-3 hours per week.

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