How to stay motivated and get your Tasks Done

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Every professional procrastinator gives his hopes up on becoming productive and tells himself he isn’t made for it but let me prove you the opposite and show you how to stay productive and get your tasks done!

I want to tell you about the easy method I came up with! Quick and simple! This method will make you productive and form new positive habits!

What you need

What to do

screenshot of evernote after creating a new notebook. How to the yours tasks done

At first you need to start Evernote and make a new notebook. Call it however you want, mine is called Productivity Book. Now you make a new page with the day and date as header.

screenshot of evernote after creating a new page and a table.How to the yours tasks done

In this page you shall make a colorful chart with the columns “Event”, “period”, “duration”. Over the day you fill the table with the events which made you progress on your goals or your personality. When you are done you sum up all durations, so you get your productivity time.

If you motivate yourself to do this for 2 or more days, you will start craving to fill up your page and so you get more and more productive.

Thanks for reading I would be happy if you tell other procrastinators how to get your tasks done and staying productive!

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