How to learn faster with the Feynman Technique

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People often don’t know any method to learn concepts faster. Grauenwald focuses on teaching methods to all it’s readers to help you get more knowledge in less time! We will teach you in this tutorial the Feynman method, a method that will give you superpowers!

Richard Feynman explaining
Richard Feynman explaining something

Richard Feynman


Richard Feynman was a brilliant Nobel prize-winning physicist, who was also called “The Great Explainer” for his ability explaining complex concepts and ideas in simple, intuitive ways. The Feynman method is a method for learning or reviewing concepts quickly by explaining in easy and simple language.

How to use the Feynman Method to learn faster


Since the center of this method is explaining concepts you can just grab one of your friend, but you may not have always your friends at hand so this is how you can do it with plain paper:

  • Step 1 – Grab a plain paper and write the name of the concept on top. You can use also concepts that are not math or science!
  • Step 2 – Try explaining the concept in your own words like you were teching it to someone else. Keep using plain and simple language. You can also use some little drawings.
  • Step 3 – Review your explanation and locate the areas where it’s shaky or you don’t know something. Once you finish finding the weakest points go back to your source material to refresh your knowledge.
  • Step 4 – If there are areas in you explanation where you use technical or complex terms, challenge yourself to re-write these parts in easier and simpler terms. Make sure your explanation would get understand by someone who isn’t familiar with the concept.

That’s literally it!

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