Best Morning Routine for Success and Productivity

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healthy morning routine

Your morning is the most important time in your day, it will decide if you are going to be a lazy sloth or a productive beast. Follow this step by step plan to hack your morning routine and to have the best time and success! Don’t worry it won’t be hard!

Wake up time – When to start your Morning Routine

some wakes up, good morning routine
Waking up in the best morning routine

You need to control when you wake up. No more snoose buttons, choose a time and make it your general wake up time. Most of us adults need from 7 to 8 hour sleep per night so be wise about deciding when you are going to sleep the night before. I recommend waking up in the time span of 4am to 6am.

Water is the best fuel in your Morning Routine

someone drinks for daily morning routine
Drinking some water after waking up in the best morning routine

The first thing after waking up should be drinking some water, either have a bottle of water near you or prepare a glass of water before sleeping. A pinch of sea salt, is not a must but it won’t hurt you.

Make your bed

someone makes bed for a productive morning
making your bed in the healthy morning routine

After a refreshing sip on you water, you shall make your bed. Of course you wonder now, and asking “Why should I care if my bed is made?”. With making your bed you accomplish the first task of your day, altough when you were lazy you can say that you accomplished something even a single thing.

Sanitary Needs

dog brushes teeth for a healthy morning routine
Taking care of your sanitary needs in the morning

Take care of your usual sanitary needs. Pro tipp: don’t take your cellphone with you, it will make the process unnecessary long.


man meditates and wakes up cool
meditation with a smile because it’s fun

Now it’s time to meditate. If you don’t know how, check this out! It will focus your thoughts and emotion, further you will get a relaxed state of being. Remind yourself, your mind controls your body!

Make a Note

journaling for productivity
Writing a diary because it’s cool

Write all tasks you accomplished this morning to boost you self-love and productivity. I recommend you my tutorial on boosting your productivity with this style of diary.

I hope my morning ritual is going to help you becoming more than you are. Don’t rush it, take your take on appending all this new healthy habits.

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