How To Get More Done With The 80 20 Rule

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When I was younger I felt overhelmed by the tasks I thought I needed to get done. Than I found the 80 20 Rule aka the Pareto Principle and it changed completely my view on productivity and goals! Find now out how to use laser productivity to get down your goals!

Simple Concept of The Pareto Principle

The founding father of the 80 20 Rule ist Vilfredo Federico Pareto, who found out that 80% land in Italy was owned by by just 20% of the population. He researched different industries and came to conclusion that 80% of the production came only for 20% of the companies.

Further Examples of Paretos 80 20 Rule

  • 20% of the Criminals commit 80% of all crimes
  • 80% Results come only from the 20% of the employees
  • 20% of the most reported software bugs causes 80% of all crashes
  • 20% of the customers bring 80% of the profit

How to use the 80 20 Rule

dog does tasks from to do list for the 80 20 rule
Funny Dogs completes To Do List

This tells us does only 20% of our tasks really matter and bring us 80% of the results. So how to use it to our advantage?

  • Make a list of the tasks you think you need to get done today.
  • Look at the list and think what brings you the best results and what will cause more results on the long run.
  • Start crossing through tasks that bring you the least
  • You should have approximately 20% left on your list
  • Try to get those 20% done with your best effort

Examples of the usage

iphone with many apps from grauenwald
Iphone With Many Apps

You have on your smartphone great amount of apps, but you definitly use approximately 20% of them, so start deleting them till you have only the most used ones. This will cause order on your smartphone and give your more memory space for great photos and podcasts!

woman grabs food in a store for pareto principle

When you go shopping in a big mall you 80% of all your purchases are from 20% of the aisles, so get your wasted time back by going only to those 20%!

someone writing on paper with coffee mug for productivity

20% of the things you study will bring the most 80% results in school! So be careful on what is really important and what can you just pass by.

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