Top 5 Youtubers You Need To Follow for Lifestyle and Productivity

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Youtube seems to be a unproductive hell for all of us except some pearls who will teach you about different lifestyle and productivity concepts. If you need some motivation then just check out those Top 5 Youtubers You Need To Follow!

Matt D’Avella

matt d'avella with shopping car

Matt D’Avella is the most know minimalist Youtuber. Matt is a former fulltime filmmaker, who learned his mastery craft by self-teaching.

Now he records his own Podcasts with Professionals from different branches and skillsets, runs a newsletter and owns a famous Youtube channel.

He films Videos about different topics, so non Minimalists can enjoy his Channel too.

Being a master in videography makes every Video of Matt pure joy for your eyes and his snippets of philosophy could open your eye to different world.

Sneak Peak of Matt’s Channel

Nathaniel Drew

Photo Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew is fairly similar to Matt D’Avella except being a Minimalist.

He is also a master of videography which makes his Videos art for your eyes.

Nathaniel makes Videos about 30/7 Day Challenges. He picks a healthy or productive lifestyle or idea and tries it a whole month or a week, at the End he tells you if it had a good impact or not.

He lives currently in Italy after going from USA to Mexico.

Sneak Peak of Nathaniel’s Channel

Thomas Frank

Photo of Thomas Frank in front of bridge youtuber

Thomas Frank is the go to Youtube Channel to get Advices on how to boost your productivity and study tipps. In his videos he speaks about different apps an techniques for students and for all people who wan to be more productive.

Sneak Peak of Thomas’ Channel

What I’ve Learned

What I've Learned youtube logo

What I’ve Learned is one of those Diamond Youtube Channels between all the other nasty and unhealthy Channels.

The creator of What I’ve Learned is unknown except he lives on Japan.

His Videos are scientific and good researched.

Most of them are focused on Diets, Language, Brain and Technology. He also covers the Keto Diet and What I’ve Learned is the best place to find out the benefits of the Diet.

Sneak Peak of Thomas’ Channel

Better Ideas / Joey Schweitzer

Better Ideas is a smaller Youtube Channel which gets run by Joey Schweitzer.

Joey makes informative Videos about topics like Procrastination, Psychology and so on. Even tough it’s a smaller Channel Better Ideas make very good and polished Videos.

Sneak Peak of Thomas’ Channel

If you want to get productive like those 5 Youtube Channels I recommend you this: