6 Natural Depression Treatments

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Being depressed will make you feel stuck in life and helpless. You’re not. There is a lot you can do on your own to fight the depression back. Changing your habits — your physical activity, lifestyle and even your way of thing — are natural treatments against depression.

These tips can help you feel better.

1. Get in a routine.

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If you feel depressed, you need a routine.

Depression can destroy your life strucute. One day melts into the next one. Starting a light daily routine as a foundation and moving forward with it can help you get back on track.

2. Set Goals

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You may feel like you’re stuck and can’t accomplish anything when you’re depressed. This makes you feel lonely and trapped in life. To push back, you need to set daily goals for yourself.

Starting very small and make your goal something that you can succeed at, like making ur bed in the morning.

As you start feeling better, you can add more challenging daily goals.

3. Exercise

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Exercise temporarily boost your endorphin-levels. It may also have a long term benefits for people with depression. Regular working out seems to encourage the brain to rewire itself in positive ways.

How much exercise do you need? You don’t need to run marathons to get a benefit. Just walking a few times a week can help.

You don’t need to run hourly marathons

4. Eat Healthy

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Diets won’t automatically fix your depression, but it’s a good idea to monitor what you consume. If depression makes you overeat, try to get control over what you’re eating. Getting in control of your eating will definitely help you feel better.

Although nothing is definitive, experts say that foods with omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid could help reduce your depression.

5. Get Enough Sleep

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Depression can make it hard to get enough sleep and too little sleep can make depression even worse.

What can you do? You should start making some changes to your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Technologies like notebooks and iPhones should be avoided in bed, because your bed is only for sleeping! Also don’t try to nap. This may improve your sleep!

6. Do Something New

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When you’re depressed, you’re in a rut. Push yourself to try out something different. Go to a brunch with your family or friend. Pick up a book and read it on a park bench. Try a new hobby.

There are chemical changes in the brain when we try something different. Trying something new alters the level. For example the level of dopamine.


When you’re in a depression or rut you feel like losing control of your life and you start doing the things that causes losing control. I hope you try these 6 steps to regain your control!

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