Japan Travel Tips: 8 Essential Tips to make your Time the best

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travel tips for japan

Japan is one of a kind county with things you haven’t seen before and many cool adventures. These fundamental Japan travel tips will help your on your adventure in the Japanese culture!

1. Don’t walk around eating or smoking

japanese man buys from japanese stand as tourist in japan

We westerners are used to eat our sandwiches while walking from tourism spot to tourism spot, however this is considered very rude in Japan.

Even stores such as Lawson and Family Mart have a bunch seating areas for you to eat.

2. Slurp your noodles in Japan

image of japan noodles, how to be a tourist in japan

Don’t you know all these stares when you slurp your tasty noodle soup, but not in Japan. In fact if you want to show your compliments to the chef start slurping!

3. Don’t leave a tip

japan do's and don'ts, japanese money

Leaving a tip behind is most of the time can be considered insulting in Japan, they even run after you thinking that your forgot your tip! Furthermore you should not count your change because it can be also considered insulting!

4. How and why you should bow in Japan

japan travel tips

Bowing is a very important part in Japanese social culture. The best way is to mirror the Japanese locals. There are different bows used for different kind of situations, as a tourist you should mainly focus those 3 situations:

  • Meeting and greeting People
  • Thanking someone
  • Saying sorry to someone

When bowing, make sure that you curve your back and neck. Think of it like bending towards with your hips and keeping your back straight. It’s also polite in some situations to nod your head to thank.

5. Use Japanese Public Transportation

japan travel tips on public transportation

Renting a car to drive around Japan or taking a cab will be expensive! Attention: It will also confuse you if your are an inexperienced driver, because cars drive on the LEFT. So I personally recommend you using the public transportation!

Like other world leaders in technology, Japan has a very well build public transportation infrastructure, so it’s naturally the best idea to use them.

Advice: Test out The Shinkansen – the incredible bullet trains that can get up to 300km/h!

6. Be Quiet in the Metro and Bullet Trains

japan travel tips a man sleeping in a train

Many Japanese commuters are tired and use the trains to catch up sleep, so being quiet is a social standard.

Don’t do this in trains:

  • Playing load Music
  • Playing Games without Earbuds
  • Accepting Calls
  • Speaking at a high Volume

7. Walk, Drive and Ride on the Left

japan tips people sitting on a bench

As one of only a pair countries in the world, you may be surprised to learn that cars drive on the left side of the roads in Japan. Pedestrians and Bicycles to the same!

8. Don’t blow your nose loudly in public

an image of japanese city, japan guid

In opposite to the Western Culture, you should rather sniff than blowing your nose loudly in crowds, because blowing your nose in public seems rude and nasty.

If you feel that your nose is starting to trickle you can buy a tissue and slowly turn away from the crowd to wipe your nose.

My personal recommendations for you!