depression treatments

6 Natural Depression Treatments

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Being depressed will make you feel stuck in life and helpless. You're not. There is alot you can do on your own to fight the depression back.
healthy morning routine

Best Morning Routine for Success and Productivity

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Your morning is the most important time in your day, it will decide if you are going to be a lazy sloth or a productive beast. Follow this step by step plan to hack your morning routine and to have the best time and success! Don't worry it won't be hard!
basket on a box in front of wall

What is a Minimalist Lifestyle?

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You definitely heard about the term Minimalism and you imagine a Minimalist to be a strict person, who sleeps on a mattress on the ground of his tiny and empty white bleached apartment.
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How to meditate for Beginners

This tutorial will explain how to meditate for beginners! Meditation is not a high form of art which only professionals can perform and you don't need to sit on a cold hard ground like in the movies! Follow along on this relaxing path to your inner silence.